"For years I thought of biscotti as coffee's anonymous underlings, flinty bites with an aftermath of dust. But the ones made by Whimsy & Spice, in Brooklyn, are pitched ideally between crumble and crunch."
Brooklyn's spouse-owned Whimsy & Spice is recognized as much for pastry chef Mark Sopchak's sophisticatedly flavored baked goods ... as it is for artist Jenna Park's clean packaging and striking graphic design."
"Brooklyn confectioners Whimsy + Spice
do a lot of things very well, but we'd be remiss if we didn't point you to their homemade cardamom marshmallows as the weather moves dangerously into mulled-bev territory."
"...Whimsy and Spice, one of my favorite confectioners in Brooklyn, has perfected the handmade marshmallow..."
"The fresh-from-the-oven bakery enterprise run by an adorable Brooklyn couple offers a tightly edited selection of handcrafted, hand-rolled, hand-cut sweets that have us on a major high."
"Whimsy & Spice's marshmallows are to die for."
"For guests young and old, these marshmallows will be a crowd-pleasing favor or after dinner nibble - they're bursting with grown-up flavors (cardamom, anyone?) and they evoke happy childhood memories."
"It's hard to categorize Jenna's blog Sweet Fine Day - it's a beautifully written blog about everyday life in Brooklyn. It's about parenting and about self. It's about work as a freelance designer and about managing a young and thriving confection business. It's about delicious recipes and stunning photos..."
"Smart design sensibility and delectable food combine to make Whimsy & Spice a perfect representation of a modern Brooklyn company."



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